Round Never Ending Card Direct Mail

We are already convinced that the Turning Card the perfect Never Ending Card direct mail is. But today we want to discuss the Boom + Verweij case because they got a special version of this direct mailer. They decided to go for the round option of the endless card, which has the same properties but looks even more impressive. The card works just the same as the square option, however, the round version is a real eye-catcher. Never Ending Card … Read More

Endless Card for Nutrilon Product introduction

Once Nutricia launched their new Pronutura ADVANCE and Prosyneo baby formula they wanted an unique and surprising way to announce their launch. The Endless Card turned out to be the perfect fit. With their direct mailing they informed health care professionals of their innovative new product. The Endless Card offers the perfect tension build-up for a product release. The easy fold-away system of the Turning Card gives the reader a bit of new information with every fold. In the end … Read More

An interloop mailer as invitation for the Netwerk Beach Event

A B2B invitation should be remarkable, informative and it definitely has to look attractive. Therefore we have created a card that will catch the eye of the receiver immediately: the Never Ending Card. EuroSys Business used it to invite business relations to a network beach event. The unique location of the event asked for a unique invitation: a simple A5 or A6 sized card wouldn’t do the job. EuroSys Business opted for this 20 x 20 (cm) interloop mailer, which … Read More

Striking business cards for the team of SEP

Make a great first impression with LocoMails striking business cards. Usually business cards have two sides: the company logo on the front and contact information on the back. What a shame! There are so many options to give your business cards a unique touch. Just like the team of SEP, which used the Never Ending Cards to leave a creative first impression with the receiver. Benefits of striking business cards With the Never Ending business cards, you have four sides … Read More

MySwitzerland announces event with a folding special

Switzerland makes a great holiday destination. provides information about Switzerland for tourist and travelers. Whether you are looking for accommodations, transport or activities: you will find it here. People who are looking for a holiday in nature can book their trip online. These trips will be promoted in an upcoming event in Amsterdam. The Never Ending Card is a folding special and was used to increase attention value for the event. This folding special was an excellent choice due … Read More