Puzzle Card Direct Mail Example

How you do you celebrate national Secretary day in a suitable way? The Koning Willem I College in the Netherlands organised a special event to show their secretaries their appreciation. Today we will discuss this Puzzle Card direct mail example. How did they pull-off creating the perfect mailing? Read all about it down below. Puzzle Card Direct Mail Example: Invitation In 1989 the first Secretary Day was held in the Netherlands. This fenomenon originated from the United States of America … Read More

Custom made direct mail developed for FCA Capital

A direct mail in the shape of a wheel is developed for FCA Capital. An original idea that LocoMail has turned into a unique product. This wheel was generated because of FCA Capital’s unique request, the wheel wasn’t in our assortment of direct mailings yet. FCA Capital is a financial service provider for cars and car dealers. FCA Capital was looking for a unique direct mail to send to their partners that immediately stands out. Bespoke direct mail The direct … Read More

Crowns used as game by Specialtours

The personalised Crowns are perfect to use as direct mail. These Crowns were first used as give away promotion material for events and parties, but now you can use them for other purposes as well. This fun direct mail can be designed to your own wishes. Eye-catching direct mail The Crowns are each packed with cardboard, that way the Crowns are better protected during the delivery. The transparent foil gives the Crowns an exclusive look that stands out from the … Read More

Mini T-shirt for promoting with DM

Direct mail is a perfect way to promote your product. Direct mail focuses on a selected audience which makes it an effective way of marketing. By using an original direct mail the receiver will be surprised. Promoting with DM through post will be more valued than promoting with DM through e-mail. The purpose of a DM is to gain a response from the receiver. Read for more information about other direct mail cases. Promoting with DM We often see companies … Read More

Message in a Tin as distinctive direct mail

With this distinctive direct mail, Dümmen Orange invites relations for the Kalanchoe challenge. To draw the attention of the receiver immediately, Dümmen Orange decided to choose a striking transport packaging. The design of the sticker is colourful and the text explains the message in a second so that the mailing shows its purpose directly. The combination of a strong design and a distinctive mailing product, make this direct mail an instant success. Message in a Tin as a distinctive direct … Read More

B2b direct mail Delivery Box used by DéliVery

DéliVery is an organisation that is specialized in providing catering for companies. They offer, for example, a breakfast- and lunch buffet, a pantry service and a snack program. By hiring this organisation, other companies don’t have to invest time in buying and food and drinks for their employees. DéliVery sent this b2b direct mail to create more knowledge for their organisation by other companies. They have chosen a custom-made b2b direct mailing. Together with the employees of LocoMail, they discussed … Read More