Original Pull-Tab Slider Card made for Houtkamp College

How do you make sure to stand-out from your competitors as a very hands-on high school? The Houtkamp College in Doetinchem approached us for an original Pull-Tab Slider Card that could be used during the Open House days of the high school. Each tab presented the reader with new information concerning the key-values of the Houtkamp College. Therefore, it became clear to the reader what the school stands for and how things work there. The specifics and details of this … Read More

Round Never Ending Card Direct Mail

We are already convinced that the Turning Card the perfect Never Ending Card direct mail is. But today we want to discuss the Boom + Verweij case because they got a special version of this direct mailer. They decided to go for the round option of the endless card, which has the same properties but looks even more impressive. The card works just the same as the square option, however, the round version is a real eye-catcher. Never Ending Card … Read More

Puzzle Card Direct Mail Example

How you do you celebrate national Secretary day in a suitable way? The Koning Willem I College in the Netherlands organised a special event to show their secretaries their appreciation. Today we will discuss this Puzzle Card direct mail example. How did they pull-off creating the perfect mailing? Read all about it down below. Puzzle Card Direct Mail Example: Invitation In 1989 the first Secretary Day was held in the Netherlands. This fenomenon originated from the United States of America … Read More

Message in a Bottle Direct Mail: Paal 50

Paal 50 is an event planning agency located on Vlieland that tries to help vistors with a unique experience while on the island. The Message in a Bottle direct mail helped them in achieving their goal of making people aware of the arrangements they offer. The agency offers many different activities located either on the beach, the dunes or even in the forest. For instance, customers can go on GPS-hikes, participate in kite surfing, mointain biking and even experience what … Read More

Musical Card Direct Mail Qlimax

Qlimax is an annual indoor party organised by Q-dance. Way before the party starts speculations start to arise with regards to the theme, the artists and the anthem maker of the year. On the first of August the organisation started dropping hints for the fans to puzzle with. Some of the more dedicated fans received a very special hint delivered to their doorstep. Through the Musical Card Direct Mail the lucky few received an extra hint regarding the anthem maker … Read More

V Fold Pop Up Card used by ANWB for Promotion

After ANWB successfully launched their bicycle insurance last year they used the V fold Pop Up mailing as a way of informing retailers of the changes they made to the insurance policy. In the centre of the card a big Pop Up V fold was placed to attract the attention of the reader. It immediately brings the reader up to speed with the biggest changes within the policy. For instance, it is now possible for consumers who are not members … Read More

Endless Card for Nutrilon Product introduction

Once Nutricia launched their new Pronutura ADVANCE and Prosyneo baby formula they wanted an unique and surprising way to announce their launch. The Endless Card turned out to be the perfect fit. With their direct mailing they informed health care professionals of their innovative new product. The Endless Card offers the perfect tension build-up for a product release. The easy fold-away system of the Turning Card gives the reader a bit of new information with every fold. In the end … Read More

Pop up direct mailing ideas for event Arval

On October 3rd 2017, Arval known as a car lease company, hosted an event for the future in mobility. Arval is established in 1989 and is specialised in car leasing with a complete service package. Improving the mobility of her customers is Arval’s main goal. The customer event with the name ‘What’s next in mobility?’ was held in de green Jardin d’Hiverre in Baarn. A question that was central during the event was: “How do you influence car mobilists to … Read More

Custom made direct mail developed for FCA Capital

A direct mail in the shape of a wheel is developed for FCA Capital. An original idea that LocoMail has turned into a unique product. This wheel was generated because of FCA Capital’s unique request, the wheel wasn’t in our assortment of direct mailings yet. FCA Capital is a financial service provider for cars and car dealers. FCA Capital was looking for a unique direct mail to send to their partners that immediately stands out. Bespoke direct mail The direct … Read More

Crowns used as game by Specialtours

The personalised Crowns are perfect to use as direct mail. These Crowns were first used as give away promotion material for events and parties, but now you can use them for other purposes as well. This fun direct mail can be designed to your own wishes. Eye-catching direct mail The Crowns are each packed with cardboard, that way the Crowns are better protected during the delivery. The transparent foil gives the Crowns an exclusive look that stands out from the … Read More

Share special news with the ChangeCard

In order of Bengelmedia LocoMail produced a ChangeCard for Accord, an employment agency. An original way to reach your customers with direct mail. A ChangeCard is perfect for sharing special news. There is a change in images, this way you can show the old and the new situation. When the card is opened, you will first see the old situation. By pulling the ChangeCard you’ll see the new situation appear. In the example of Accord the ChangeCard is used to … Read More

Slide out card produced for Oticon

Oticon is the supplier of the most advanced technology and audiology for people with hearing loss. To promote their latest product they used a Slide out card as direct mail. Oticon used a ChangeCard for their direct mail design before, in different languages but still the same design. Their corporate identity can be found on both the products, the Slide out card as well as the ChangeCard, to make it recognisable for their customers. By printing the design in full … Read More

New size Pop up House in the shape of a chalet

De Bergjes is the biggest supplier of chalets and caravans in Europe. De Bergjes send this Chalet Pop-up House to their customers who bought a chalet. De Pop up Houses were send right after the chalet was delivered to the customer as a creative way of keeping them up to date as well as to thank them for their purchase. It is the perfect way to send a business direct mail that fits their services. The mailing is one of … Read More

Mini T-shirt for promoting with DM

Direct mail is a perfect way to promote your product. Direct mail focuses on a selected audience which makes it an effective way of marketing. By using an original direct mail the receiver will be surprised. Promoting with DM through post will be more valued than promoting with DM through e-mail. The purpose of a DM is to gain a response from the receiver. Read for more information about other direct mail cases. Promoting with DM We often see companies … Read More

Efteling VIP invitation example on Telescopic extender

HSF Logistics is the specialist in conditioned food technology. They have used our unique Telescopic extender as a VIP invitation for their company family day in the Efteling. The Efteling design for HSF Logistics is unique because the card is extended vertically instead of horizontally so it fits the theme of the Efteling. This way the card already creates an ambiance for the event! Make endless variations just like the VIP invitation example The Telescopic extender is an original direct … Read More

Suitable marketing mailing for Alders Real Estate

Selling houses, that is what real estate agents do. But sending or receiving houses is something new! The Pop up House sent to people who are involved in Alders Real Estate. Alders Real Estate was nominated for the Best Real Estate Agent of the North of the Netherlands, for this purpose, they used the Pop up House as marketing mailing. Their strength and sale success involves the use of online marketing. A great example of this is this direct mailer. … Read More

Business mailing with Flicker Book for EyeOn

The Flicker Book, as a business mailing, has a special effect. When you extend the tab, the pages will automatically turn over. This gives it the opportunity to convey a lot of information. Because of this, it stands out from other types of direct mail. The company EyeOn used the card for their event: ‘EyeOn Inspiration Day.’ On the front, the focus is on the practical information such as the date. This event is intended for people working at leading … Read More

Commercial mailing with a special design for an accountant

A commercial mailing like you have never seen before. The design is striking. The surfaces are not designed per space, but as a whole. So the design splashes out over the different surfaces of the cube. This way, a playful effect has been established. With three colours and two clear statements, Lakarsk chooses for a very special and minimal way of advertising. This will definitely draw the attention. Because, when you are not triggered by the pop-up effect of the … Read More

Quality direct mail as promotion material for Gorilla IT

A quality direct mail of high stature as promotion material for the services of Gorilla IT. The 20 x 20 cm Turning Card has an outstanding design which shows the corporate identity of the company perfectly. The choice of finishing of this direct mail makes it even more special, but later on more about the finishing.  The Turning Card, or Infinity fold Card, is an interactive mailing with plenty of space for texts and images. To make sure that the … Read More

Customisable invitations with entrance ticket

The small house for Stater is a great example of a customisable invitations. Not only is the Pop-up House totally customised, it also holds a special feature. Stater contacted us because they wanted to create an original invitation for their 20 year jubilee. Besides an original invitation they wanted to add a separate entrance ticket for their event to the mailing. To make sure that the entrance ticket looks like it is part of the direct mail items, an extra … Read More

Message in a Tin as distinctive direct mail

With this distinctive direct mail, Dümmen Orange invites relations for the Kalanchoe challenge. To draw the attention of the receiver immediately, Dümmen Orange decided to choose a striking transport packaging. The design of the sticker is colourful and the text explains the message in a second so that the mailing shows its purpose directly. The combination of a strong design and a distinctive mailing product, make this direct mail an instant success. Message in a Tin as a distinctive direct … Read More

2D Card used for DM campaign NLE

Energy supplier NLE has introduced a new application, NLE – inzicht, with which all Dutch people can easily get insight in their energy consumption. The application reveals in one glance what the consumption of that moment is. For the promotion of the app, NLE has chosen to set up a DM campaign for which the mailing from this case has been developed. 2D card for DM campaign To introduce the NLE application to a broad audience, the energy supplier decided … Read More

Push and Pull Manual Extender as Save the Date card for an event

The Push and Pull Manual Extender can be used for various purposes, such as a striking and original Save the Date card. Van  Elst used the automated extending mailer to send it as an invitation to their clients. The message of the card is immediately clear, because of the text on the front of the mailing: ‘Choose a side.’ The surprise effect of the Push and Pull Manual Extender fits the message of this mailing perfectly. When the right panel … Read More

Send a striking corporate mailing!

Would you like your corporate mailing to stand out? Then follow the lead of Streekfonds Lopikerwaarden! An original direct mail is, namely, the perfect mean to do this. In these case we’ll show you how the Streekfonds used one of our direct mailing products to enlighten their business relations of some major renewals within their company. The introduction of a new name, logo and website ask for a special method. A method that is strong enough to attract and retain … Read More

Pop up House direct mailer for VEKA Holland

VEKA Holland used LocoMails Pop up House to introduce the Softline 82 NL to their prospects. Softline 82 NL is a sustainable and cost-effective window frame which is used to increase quality and save money. To introduce this system in an original way, VEKA sent out Pop up Houses. This mailer is perfectly in line with the products of VEKA Holland as it was possible to incorporate extra windows in the Pop up House. Strengths of the window frames are … Read More

Pop Up fold out card for Unidis Accountancy Event

Unidis is an innovative accountancy agency that helps organisations by advising them on administrative business processes. This year they have organised the first edition of their Unidis Accountancy Event. Unidis used LocoMails Pop Up fold out card to invite their business relations to this event. The V-style Pop Up card gives your direct mailing product an extra dimension. Details of the V-style card Since this Pop up card has four personalisable faces you can put a lot of information and … Read More

An interloop mailer as invitation for the Netwerk Beach Event

A B2B invitation should be remarkable, informative and it definitely has to look attractive. Therefore we have created a card that will catch the eye of the receiver immediately: the Never Ending Card. EuroSys Business used it to invite business relations to a network beach event. The unique location of the event asked for a unique invitation: a simple A5 or A6 sized card wouldn’t do the job. EuroSys Business opted for this 20 x 20 (cm) interloop mailer, which … Read More

Pop-up Slide Card for Zwijsen

Zwijsen is a Dutch company that develops innovative reading education. For their 60th anniversary they sent out LocoMails Pop-up Slider Card to inform teachers from all over the country about an online competition. The Pop-up Slide Card is a remarkable card that can be designed and developed in any shape. Although the Pop-up Sliders may come across as regular mailers they have a special feature too. When the receivers pull the tab the pop-up pops out and another page with … Read More

Twin Slider to announce a new professionals platform of Nutricia

Nutricia is a provider of baby- and children nutrition. To inform medical professionals about a new and exclusive platform, Nutricia chose to send the Twin Slider direct mailer. This platform, named Nutrcia Academy, offers medical professionals news, information about events and a library for this branche. The professionals can read articles, researches and news about products and services on this platform. Another reason for launching this platform is that it makes it easy for the target audience to sign up … Read More

Striking business cards for the team of SEP

Make a great first impression with LocoMails striking business cards. Usually business cards have two sides: the company logo on the front and contact information on the back. What a shame! There are so many options to give your business cards a unique touch. Just like the team of SEP, which used the Never Ending Cards to leave a creative first impression with the receiver. Benefits of striking business cards With the Never Ending business cards, you have four sides … Read More

B2b direct mail Delivery Box used by DéliVery

DéliVery is an organisation that is specialized in providing catering for companies. They offer, for example, a breakfast- and lunch buffet, a pantry service and a snack program. By hiring this organisation, other companies don’t have to invest time in buying and food and drinks for their employees. DéliVery sent this b2b direct mail to create more knowledge for their organisation by other companies. They have chosen a custom-made b2b direct mailing. Together with the employees of LocoMail, they discussed … Read More

Italian Direct Mail for Oticon

The international organisation Oticon develops and produces hearing aids. They think, work and develop ‘People First’. Oticon uses advanced techniques to make sure everyone is able to hear at their best. Now they launched their latest innovative product: the Oticon Opn™. LocoMail created a suiting direct mail design for this event, both in Italian and Dutch. Using direct mail to strengthen your message The new Oticon Opn™ makes a big difference for people with hearing loss. In the past, hearing … Read More

MySwitzerland announces event with a folding special

Switzerland makes a great holiday destination. MySwitzerland.com provides information about Switzerland for tourist and travelers. Whether you are looking for accommodations, transport or activities: you will find it here. People who are looking for a holiday in nature can book their trip online. These trips will be promoted in an upcoming event in Amsterdam. The Never Ending Card is a folding special and was used to increase attention value for the event. This folding special was an excellent choice due … Read More

Striking direct mail for Style at Home

When you’re looking for a temporary interior, Style at Home is the place to be. This organisation rents out interior to private people and brokers who are looking to sell houses, office buildings et cetera. Furnished buildings are more likely to be sold. Style at Home decorates these empty properties in such a way that the buildings look more attractive to potential buyers. They do this on behalf of realtors and homeowners: “We style, you sell”. Style at Home used … Read More