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B2B invitations customisable in your own corporate identity

Communication for your event starts with the moment you send the invitations. LocoMail offers everything you need when you are looking for unique and original B2B invitations. Every business to business invitation holds a special feature. Some examples are special folding techniques, invitations that literally jump out of the envelope, Message in a Bottle and Mini T-Shirts. As a result of this, the response rate of your B2B mailing products will be significantly higher than the response rate of a regular or digital mailing product. It is much easier to trigger your prospects with a physical B2B invitation: the receiver will open it. Something which is not so obvious when you’re sending digital business to business mailing.  We have suitable invitations for any event: open door days, fairs, announcements, seminars, conferences et cetera. Every direct mail product we offer is fully customisable.

B2B invitations examples

This means that your mailing will be consistent with your corporate identity. Whether you are looking for B2B promotional mailing for a small business or a large multinational: LocoMail can help you. You can order your favourite business to business mailing products from 20 pieces. This comes in handy when you are looking to inform just a handful of relations, for a team building event for example.

Are you looking for something in particular, but can’t you find it on our website? Please contact us. We also produce B2B bespoke mailers and business to business invitations. Due to the fact that all divisions are housed under one roof, it is easy for us to create something unique for your company. Our graphic designers are experiences and creative. The perfect recipe for a striking B2B invitation that will get a lot of positive response!

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