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3dimensional mailers in all shapes and sizes

3dimensional mailers to send to your target audience come in all shapes and sizes. An example of striking, eye-catching direct mailing is the Pop up Card direct mailer. 3dimensional mailers are a great way to stand out with your marketing communication. Although the mailers are sent in flat envelopes, the 3dimensional pop up cards literally jump out of the envelope when opened. This surprise effect adds amusement to your direct mail which increases the attention value that you are aiming for.

Examples of 3dimensional mailers products

If you’d like your mailing to stay in the receivers’ sight, think about including a calendar in the design. Or go with the 3D Penpot: our 3dimensional pop up product with a functional element. This mailer has pen holes which increases the usability of your 3dimensional mailers. The 3dimensional mailers are great for any communication purpose. Whether you want to introduce a new product, invite relations to a trade fair or make an official announcement: LocoMail offers the perfect 3dimensional pop up mailer for your message.


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Multiple options for 3dimensional mailers

LocoMail has designed various kinds of 3-dimensional pop up cards. One of the best sellers is the Pop up Cube which comes in different sizes. The six sides are all fully customisable, which guarantees enough space for all your desired communication. Other forms of the 3dimensional pop up cards are the Rectangular Pop up, Pop up House and Pop up Pyramid. If you’re looking for a dimensional mail product with an extra dimension, then the Mini Pop up Cubes are a great choice. This 3D mailer contains four small cubes which jump out of the envelope, just like the other dimensional direct mailers.

The Mini Pop up Cubes are also available with three mini Pop up Cubes. Discover all our remarkable 3dimensional mailers and find your favourite product. All dimensional direct mailers can be printed full colour in your own design: professional, effective and for all purposes. Personalisation is also a possibility that we should suggest, to make your DM personal for your target audience. Should you have any question or do you have a particular idea about a 3-dimensional pop up card in mind, please contact us. Together we can develop a striking solution for your dimensional direct mailer communication!