Custom made direct mail products

Our direct mail items are suited for all marketing and communication purposes. However, it is possible that you cannot find what you are looking for in our standard direct mail formats. Don’t worry, we gladly draw up and produce a bespoke mailing. We can bring your own idea to life, combine two concepts from our existing direct mail formats to make one. Or just add new features to one of our existing items. Anything to create the perfect mailing item for your communication.

Do you have a special idea for your mailing and are you looking for a partner that can design and produce this format? LocoMail is your solution. Our experienced in-house cardboard engineer will happily discuss your ideas and the possibilities. If your idea is not feasible in terms of production, we will find a suiting alternative in collaboration. From design, production and personalisation to mailing or despatch we can handle it all – we can dispatch or mail worldwide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your ideas.

Customised direct mail item examples

Curious about what type custom made Direct Mail we have created in the past? Read all about these special tailor-made items created for different types of companies and communications. Get inspired! Do you already have a direct mail concept in mind? Please contact us; a tailored-made direct mail item is within reach.

Notebook with full colour printed cover for Autocable

A clever direct mail solution produced for Autocable and worldwide distribution. To promote a new cable-laying machine, Autocable wanted to distribute a functional mailing product. At that time functional mailing items were not part of our existing format. So the notebook with full colour printed cover, was custom-made for the communication of Autocable. Despite the fact that the concept was not part of our existing formats, the created item could profit the same advantages; the cover could be full colour printed with branding on both sides. In collaboration with different parties, the tailor-made item could be produced within a short lead-time.

Innovative food bowl filled with food samples for RoyalCanin

Commissioned by Royal Canin, several mailing products have been produced for different type of communications. A totally different concept was the innovative food bowl filled with food samples. The printed box was not only the casing, but it could also be used as food bowl. The box held different types and flavours of cat food, and there were as many food bowls in the casing as flavours. All types of food could therefore be presented all at once but in different food bowls. This way cats could clearly indicate their preferences.

Custom made popcorn mailing commissioned by Ubbink

Ubbink, supplier of clever solutions for energy efficiency, commissioned a custom-made direct mail item to send to their relations as an exciting invitation for the building and construction fair. The mailing consisted of a full colour printed cover, plotted in the shape of a popcorn cup, and 100 grams of popcorn. The receivers needed to ‘pop’ the popcorn themselves and this is related to Ubbink’s message: “Please pop by the building and construction fair”. While designing the Popcorn mailing, attention is paid to the fact that the mailing should be sent as a postal item instead of parcel delivery. The flat appearance due to the plotted popcorn cup shape makes that possible without loosing the suggestion of a popcorn cup. Designing a non-foldable 3D popcorn cup would require parcel delivery.

Direct Mailing Custom Made