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Pocket Map

The Pocket Map, is particular suitable as promotion material. The full colour cover measures 74mm x 200mm and the corresponding interior, which will unfold automatically after opening the card, measures 140mm x 205mm. Both the cover and the interior of these unique Pocket Map can be printed full colour. This marketing tool can be used for, for example, sales activities and communication projects. Or maybe, you already know for what different occasion you will use the Pocket Map direct mail

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  • Pocket Map


    This unique card can be printed full colour. The size of the cover is 74mm x 200mm and the inside measures 140mm x 205mm. Both items will be printed one sided. Note: it is possible to request a different size Pocket Map.

    Deviating size

    Pocket Map afwijkend formaat

    The Pocket Map is standard printed in A7 size. If you wish to order a larger size, this is also possible! Contact one of our employees to discuss the possibilities about a deviating size.

    Folding Method

    The Pocket Map is equipped with a creased inside that automatically unfolds when the card is being opened. When closing the card, the interior will automatically fold back.

  • Adressing

    Adressing this direct mail product

    Optional we can address your remarkable mailing. Against an additional charge we can print the name and address details on the envelope. You can decide whether you want to send the mailing yourself or if you would like us to send the mailing for you.

    Shipping costs

    Shipping costs of this direct mail product

    If desired, we can send the mailing directly to your clients. Depending on the product, quantity and processing time we will examine which delivery service suits best.